Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello! Stop motion trailer!

Hello people of blogger. Today I'm going to put a link up on Artlad so you can view this message.  Here's the link to my Artlad Blog.
So today I'm also posting a trailer for a stop motion movie i've made. It's part of a series.
I call it Delta Vega Squad Saga. Because it centers around a squad know as Delta Vega Squad.
So there are seven main characters: Scratch, Shock, Wave, Charge, Saph, Bult, and Burn.
So heres the story line.
Sent on a secret mission for intel on the new CIS base rumored to be located on Felucia. Delta Vega Squad is armed and ready. This mission should be easy. But they may have miss calculated. Soon they realize its more than a base, it a Droid building factory! Will Delta Vega Squad finish their mission. Or will the seven commandos be reduces to six? find out in the first installment of the Delta Vega Squad Saga.
Produced by Artlad.

So that's really it. The movie will be out in a couple of weeks good bye!

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